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May 19 2018

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jon snow + windy hair appreciation

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Who said I’d stop at animals?

what I’m loving most about this, is the person who originally tweeted it was a girl I went to uni with and was in the writer’s guild i was in haha. Yay Hazel!

May 18 2018

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artist :연소/ヤンソ
I have receive  permission from artist to repost the arts (x) Do not remove the source~
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Big Fish & Begonia (Da Yu Hai Tang, 大鱼海棠)

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Re-sewing a text block on single raised cords upstairs in our conservation lab.

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I love Neville’s arch throughout the series, it gives me confidence in myself!

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                     Was it all just a dream? Or maybe a vision? No, it was real…

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Hugs are always good!

May 17 2018

I’m continuing to live the comedy dream

No, seriously.

I’m getting more confident, talking about bigger stuff… I’m doing character comedy and I’m lip syncing and getting good with hecklers etc I’m so excited about the future. I just need to do more promo photos, take more videos of my performances… I need fans damnit!

I have a Facebook page and everything haha

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Adam Driver @ Cannes Film Festival 

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