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October 28 2017

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Hannibal + crossing legs

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American Gods Meme: [1] New Gods or Old Gods

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#themusketeers #musketeersedit #aramis #puppy #athos #boyfriends #myedits

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the two paintings that i tried to make a gif out of yesterday.


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moodboard // hunters of artemis 

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Khazad November day 23: Fíli!

Decided on a proper speedpaint for today since I always love an excuse to draw Fee’s hair.

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Music in Film:

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) dir. Henry Selick

soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman

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Giulia Bongiovanni

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October 27 2017

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“Bro… wtf?” [full video]

is this ghibli

A friend that is also a hat

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Straight from the 19th century photo archives: Sir Thomas Sharpe (1887)

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This is AMAZING @bemynightmanager

Oh, now this….

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The water is mischievous, I like how it misbehaves.

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A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[5] The Biggest Reward – After, 4x09

After they lose the prison and the group is fractured in the fracas, the first episode we see centers entirely on Rick, Michonne and Carl. All three are broken by what’s passed; Michonne’s proving old habits die hard and walkers slay easy, Rick is one stomach flu away from death and Carl Poppa’s giving his “Be quiet, Tiffany” speech and yelling things like, “I don’t need you anymore!” A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Carl Poppa doth protest too much. Anyway, he’s really fucking mad about those vegetables. Thank god for pudding, eh? Conveniently, Carl’s chocolate treat eventually leads Mama Michonne to find her way home to her boys.

The moment she sees them through the window is a thing of beauty. It floors me still. Just takes my breath away. From the close-up of her hand as she releases the katana from her grip and that firm nod, to those simple three words: “It’s for you.” They’re not alone in this anymore. Everything’s going to be all right. And, just like that, hope is renewed.

Emphasizing its significance, this is another of the five moments that feature in Rick’s flashback sequence of Michonne.

  • Danai: She sees that walker who looks just like her and she’s walking with the dead again after losing the prison, but she decides to choose life over death and kill that whole field of walkers. That was a catharsis for her and a choice to continue connecting to the living and not the dead. […] It’s either I go with the dead for the rest of my life and just become one of them or I go and take a risk again with the living. There was a lot of reward. There’s tons of pain, there’s tons of loss but it’s been a lot of reward. She found the perfect family in this realm. She found the love of her life. […] She’s gotten rewarded for choosing life. Because that’s the biggest reward she could get. She’s very close to Carl and to see he’s alive and well, and Rick is alive and well. It’s the biggest reward she could get. […] I just love that moment when they find each other. It’s a great ending. She needed that.
  • Andy: The “It’s for you” moment… To be able to laugh and see this person that is our future. We’re safe, you know? It’s always lovely to mine those moments.
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Autumn - Day 35

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day 22 of drawtober with “zombie kid”, feat. my fav (un)dead kiddo Abigail Hobbs :P 

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