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August 09 2017

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tarwen week day 3

She is far, far away from me. She walks in starlight in another world. It was just a dream. Do you think she could have loved me? 

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Why do you think I’m allowing this?

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“I was worried you were dead.” {Hannibal, Fromage}

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Stars above the Alberta rockies


August 08 2017

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Good morning and click!💚

WE’RE ALMOST AT 60 000!!!!

Keep reblogging!!!

Might need to see this later on so reblogg ing it now

and doing it again…

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Trying to read the War part of War and Peace

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there is some good in this world

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we’d be off soon. off home.

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Imagine wearing glasses and confusing everyone, them asking if they can try them on.

Submitted by @szarnyaslany

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August 07 2017

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It’s Geeky Merch’s 6th Birthday, and to celebrate we’re bringing you another massive giveaway! Some of the best geeky creators on the internet have come together with us to give you the chance to win some amazing prizes. By following us and reblogging this post before 20th August 2017, 4 lucky winners will have the opportunity to choose themselves 4 prize bundles each.

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Finally took that Pottermore quiz. All my friends always told me I was a Hufflepuff. The quiz told me I’m a Ravenclaw. Is it ok, if I trust my friends more? I mean, I’m not even smart enough to be in Ravenclaw. I feel like my whole life is a lie.

(graphic made by @panicoenlondres!)

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Competitive Darling!!!

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